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Chicken Parmigiana

Ingredients: 6 (4 oz.) boneless chicken breasts, 2 large eggs, 1/2 cup milk, 1 cup Italian bread crumbs, 1/2 cup flour, 1 tbsp. Italian seasoning, 1/2 tbsp. seasoned salt, 1/4-1/2 cup oil, 1 jar Florentine Marinara, shredded mozzarella and provolone cheese blend

1. Pound out chicken to 1-inch thickness.

2. Beat eggs in a bowl; stir in milk.

3. In a separate bowl, mix bread crumbs, flour, Italian seasoning, and seasoned salt.

4. Dip chicken into egg mixture, then lightly cover each with bread crumb mixture.

5. Heat olive oil in a skillet on medium heat.

6. Saute chicken for 3 minutes on each side.

7. Cover bottom of a large baking dish with 1/4 jar of Marinara; add chicken, then top each piece with Marinara (1/4 jar total) and shredded cheese.

8. Bake at 350 for 20 minutes or until cheese starts to bubble and brown.

9. Serve with a side of your favorite pasta (until ours is available!) topped with the remaining Marinara.

10. Enjoy!

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