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The Legacy Continues

When a little voice whispers, "Italian."

-   OUR STORY  -

Opening a jar of Florentine marinara always reminds me of being in our restaurant's kitchen as a kid.  I'd watch my dad put up food orders while working with the staff, laughing, having a good time.  Through the 20 years I cooked in the kitchen, I never forgot those memories.  Every time I made a pot of one of our signature sauces, a batch of our house salad dressing, or a ball of pasta dough, I got to connect with past family members.  It was unique. Gratifying.  Fun.  

My grandfather opened Florentine Restaurant in 1945 in Columbus, Ohio.  Our loyal customers came for a classic Italian meal that was complimented by a dedicated staff in a family friendly setting.  We were a Columbus landmark until the day we closed in December 2016.  


Now we are bringing the legacy to the comfort of your own home!  Carrying on what my grandfather started, and what my father and brother continued is an honor. 

Read our blog for recipes using our products.  Classics from the restaurant and new ones from my kitchen.  I want to hear from you too!  Let's share recipes of good food and continue the legacy together!

Nick Penzone -third generation

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